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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?
  • Do you long for a loving connection to your significant other but feel distant instead?
  • Are you depressed by frequent arguing or nagging that make it impossible to resolve conflicts with your mate?
  • Does work stress or the demands of young children put pressure on your marriage?
  • Are Internet sex sites hijacking your prior intimacy?
  • Has your marriage or love relationship been so eroded by partner infidelity, or a partner’s addictive behaviors that trusting again feels impossible?
  • Does the lack of communication between you and your partner make you feel hopeless?
  • Do you fear your marriage is headed for divorce? 
  • Are infertility challenges turning your marriage into a battle zone?
  • Do you sometimes want to just give up?    
The good news is that Couples Therapy can help.

As a specialist in Marriage and Family Therapy, Helena guides you toward understanding how your experiences in your family of origin influence your current relationship, what is called your attachment style.  These old survival “tactics”, which helped you navigate in childhood, can actually block your path in the present, jeopardizing your ability to experience a warm and trusting relationship with your spouse or partner. By moving beyond these outdated patterns, you start to get different results.

Helena’s counseling with you and your partner will also incorporate the principles of what makes a relationship work. Codified by preeminent couples researcher Dr. John Gottman, these ground-breaking findings offer a clear, user-friendly, evidence-based route to relationship success.

Through the process of Couples Counseling you can
  • Learn communication tools for being heard and understood by your partner
  • Resolve problems and reduce conflict with your mate
  • Repair and heal the damage done by previous trauma, unhealthy behaviors or neglect
  • Restore trust and allow yourself to be open to your partner once more
  • Recapture intimacy and a close loving connection
To begin the process of reconnecting with your partner . . . 

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Almost everyone goes into marriage believing that it will be forever . . . and studies reveal that pre-marital counseling can actually tip the scales in that direction.

Research findings from 23 independent studies tell us that couples who go through pre-marital counseling:
  • Experience a greater sense of partnership
  • Report a higher level of adjustment to married life

Why? Because pre-marital counseling allows you to:
  • Recognize and avoid the most common road blocks to successful marriage
  • Acquire communication skills that help you feel heard and understood by your mate
  • Understand attachment styles and learn how to be sensitive to each other’s vulnerabilities  

Pre-marital counseling can also address practical matters such as:
  • Lifestyle expectations (i.e., balancing career / home life needs)
  • Finances, including feelings surrounding pre-nuptial agreements
  • Religious differences and how future children will be raisedBlended family issues such as child visitation, interaction with ex-spouses, handling of holidays, etc.
  • Boundaries with in-laws and extended family
As a trained specialist in Marriage and Family Therapy, Helena Rosenberg brings maturity, wisdom, and years of experience to her work with couples planning to marry. In addition to her clinical training, she has been coaching singles seeking marriage for the past 15 years, has been a featured guest on national and local television and radio shows on the topic of singles and marriage, and is the author of How to Get Married After 35: A User’s Guide to Getting to the Altar (Harper Collins Publishers).

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