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  Helena Rosenberg MFT
 MFC# 43421
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                                                                      "It's the Relationship That Heals."
                                                                                                   --Irvin Yalom, MD

Welcome . . .

  • Are you feeling disconnected from your spouse? Distrustful of your partner? Considering divorce?

  • Are you stressed – even overwhelmed -- by the demands of parenting your child or adolescent?

  • Is Anxiety or Depression preventing you from moving forward in your personal life or caree

  • Do you want a loving partner in your life but find it hard to connect?

  • Is conflict damaging your relationship with a family member, colleague or friend?
  • Do you struggle with unhealthy eating behaviors that sabotage your relationships, affect your self   
    image and make you feel out of control?
  • Are there days when you simply want to give up?
You are not alone. Relationship Specialist Helena Rosenberg, MA, MFT, is here to help. As an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist with psychotherapy offices in Los Angeles and the South Bay, Helena guides couples, individuals, adolescents, and families toward lasting change and relationship success.

Please Call 310-226-6161, or Email

Professional counseling with Helena can help you to  . . .

  • Recapture a close loving connection with your spouse or partner
  • Reclaim your power as an effective parent and leader in your own household
  • Experience relief from the symptoms of Anxiety and Depression and move forward with your life
  • Make healthier connections in the dating world
  • Resolve conflicts more easily so that your relationships improve
  • Take control of old food behaviors and become happier within yourself
  • Feel more optimistic and more open to life’s possibilities
As a relationship expert trained in attachment and interpersonal psychotherapy, Helena values open communication and is available to discuss with you whether she is a good fit for your counseling needs. With 2 office locations from which to serve you, Helena is convenient to both Beverly Hills and other Los Angeles communities and to the South Bay / Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Please Call 310-226-6161, or Email